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a thousand little pieces
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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
11:53 pm
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
3:08 pm
You Belong in Paris

Stylish and a little sassy, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine, the men!
Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...
You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
12:00 pm
Everything is illuminated!
Monday, February 20th, 2006
10:56 am
college! oh no!
OK This is my list:

Sarah Lawrence
Boston University

I am not smart enough. Who am I kidding?

(Beth, I love you! Don't be sad, ok?>/)

Current Mood: blank
1:31 am
I love life a lot these days.....no really i am no stressed anymore and i've been having fabulous dreams!

I'm really looking forward to next week! Scene shop!

Current Mood: accomplished
12:18 am
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Thursday, February 9th, 2006
12:13 am
You are so so beauitiful
Friday, January 27th, 2006
12:11 am
apron strings
Looked through old photographs today.....awww, all nostalgic.

I don't really party but I kind of want to get drunk tonite. So much fun junior prom, with Greg and Lindsay and my PURPLE dress.

Lots of rehearsal! I wrote three poems today. And Abby is going to teach me how to crochet!!!!


Current Mood: creative
Friday, January 20th, 2006
2:38 am
surfing on a rocket
Ummmmm...I haven't updated in a while, I'm not used to LiveJournal. I deleted my Xanga yesterday.

So mad at Greg! It is so wrong to toy with people's emotions. It's not okay to lead people on, and it's not okay to leave people hanging. I hate men, they are such assholes, and sometimes I think i should try gayness (kidding lol). That is something I have always been proud of, I guess, I am authentic and sincere, and if I am not interested in someone then I'll tell them....it's the least you can do. Grrr.

Um, um, I have so much homeowkr, fucking calculus and I haven't been able to go out a lot lately and I think Mom's upset. There were frogs in third period today!

Scared about colleges...I heard that Brendan got into Yale.

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
9:05 am
I went to the co-op with Nanette, even though I should have been in APUS, yum delicious food, yum.

If everyone loved me then maybe I could be happy. I'm really nervous too.

The play goes up in a few months and I'm excited! LOL. I've been singing in the shower, it's driving mom nuts. I think I'm going to see a movie tomorrow night and then get ice cream. I'm really excited.

I want to learn how to skateboard. Mom is cooking curry chicken!


Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
12:02 am
I really really miss Greg.

Amy, I have been waiting for you to call!

What is Livejournal anyway and how do i make friends?

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